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Read this Perfectmatch review to decide whether this online dating site is the best, and compare it to other reviews of matchmaking services featured here on PrimeDatingSites. Perfect Match Review Find Your Perfect Match With all the tasks that we need to accomplish in our daily lives, finding a person we can share our lives with has become the last item on our list. Because of the time-consuming workload that we need to work on each day in order to further our careers, we end up having to prioritize our life in the office instead of our social lives. With Perfect Match, you can have an active social life and a flourishing career without jeopardizing any of the two. Find Dates without Leaving Your Office With the help of PerfectMatch, finding a partner doesn’t have to take you away from other competing pressing needs. By simply logging in and creating a profile, you would be able to view thousands of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Accurate Analysis Finding Mr. Right can be a very big challenge. Fortunately, in Perfect Match, we don’t have to worry about this. All you need to do is fill up your online profile and answer the questionnaire that would be provided by the site.

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April 21, Summary: Then look no further than PerfectMatch. Many dating sites are geared towards singles looking for casual dating.

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You answer a large number of multiple choice questions to help discern the sort of person you are and the sort of person you might be matched to. As well as this you are able to include a more free-flowing essay-like variety of information which gives a more personal twist to your profile. All combined this created an in depth profile which reveals a lot about each member.

There are two ways to meet other singles on this site: In theory this should provide you with a list of members who are most suited to your habits and personality. Secondly, you can simply perform a search or browse members to decide on who you would like to speak with for yourself. Equally, though, the system might offer you potential dates who you might not have considered without their intricate testing system.

Photos are of a varied quality, though most members have done a good job at choosing a picture which is clear and gives a good representation of their real life appearance. Photos are also vetted by the admin team, which means you rarely get grainy or incomprehensible photos appearing.

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Signing up is a snap, considering just how detailed the profiles are. There are dozens of categories of information you can include in your profile, way too many to list here. There are the usual physical details like body type, hair color, whether you smoke or drink, whether you have kids, and so on.

is one of the most popular online dating sites and there is good reason for that. With tens of millions of members from very diverse backgrounds, is a leader in online dating and has been and industry innovator since

Most members on the site are looking to find their long-term partner or soul mate. Anyone who is seeking for love can join for free or sign up for a paid subscription. The site is continuing to rise in terms of popularity as more mature daters are joining it. To date, there are five million members on the site and it is continuing to grow in numbers. Main Features Interested daters can sign up by filling out a short online form with their name, birthday, age, gender, and other details.

This system works as a compatibility match for daters with the same personality, values, preferences, and lifestyle. Pepper Schwartz , has researched and studied this system for over 30 years. As a dating expert, she says that this matching system incorporates key elements for finding your perfect match. The website uses your Duet System search results to make your dating profile on Perfect Match.

The Duet Profile is a guide that can help you when making your profile on the site, which starts from uploading a photo to making an interesting introduction about yourself. Once you have created your profile, the website start looking for your matches and gives you advice on how to make your profile perform better. How to Get in Contact with Other Daters You can simply use the search tool to find your perfect match on the site.

It will help you learn more about the person in order to move on to the next stage. Through the use of the search tool, which connect you to millions of subscribers, this website can help you find your perfect match.

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More Details Coming in at 4 on our list of awesome and not-so awesome singles dating sites is PerfectMatch. They have a large member base — which is good — but you never really hear much buzz about this site. Because of the lack of buzz around the Interwebz, we had preconceived notions that PerfectMatch.

Online Dating Sites: Meet the One for You. From the top dating sites and apps to guides, comparisons, and reviews—everything you need to know to find your perfect match online.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? So maybe it shouldn’t surprise us that the next big thing in dating might be Match Every player in the game is, of course, busy searching for the next magic algorithm or mind-blowing feature that will give users a better way to sort through the masses and find the one. But it looks like good old-fashioned Match may have cracked the code. Yes, the OG dating site, which was founded back in gasp!

It’s definitely not regarded as the hip app of choice for thirsty millennials, but it does still have a sizable user base of people actively looking for love. A wall full of successful matches in the Match office Image:

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In an imperfect world a Hollywood movie referenced site can lead a person to Champagne dreams that burst like so many tiny little bubbles. It is one of the serious relationship sites and has its resident relationship guru. Yale PhD, Pepper Schwartz is a doctor of Sociology and tenured professor, in addition to being published author and in house love expert for PerfectMatch.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the saying goes, and the same could be said of Perfection. Perfect Match is one of the biggest matchmaking websites around, with millions of members. It uses your personal information such as your preferences, outlooks in life and general personality traits to help determine which members might be suitable for you. Much of the leg work is based on the research of Dr Pepper Schwarz, who has apparently worked for over 30 years in the fields of human relationships.

For example, it will show you their level of education, religious beliefs, lifestyle choices and outlooks, alongside their Duet Similarity Factors. By filtering through members in this way you are helping PerfectMatch. Completing the full Duet test can take a lot of time hours, if you think through each question carefully , but the outcome is a more accurate match. If you receive plenty of replies, then you may wish to pay for membership.

Whilst the site once offered video options, these are either now very well hidden or have been removed.

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Please check out some of their established dating sites, Passion. As a matter of fact, sign-up is quick and easy since the questions although numerous are mostly true or false — definitely a bonus of their signature Duet Total Compatibility System. But unlike some sites, PerfectMatch. Once in, members can expand their profiles by taking extra personality surveys, or can go ahead and start interacting with members. Although owned by the Friend Finder Network, the site feels very vanilla.

Original review: Feb. 2, Selective Search is a top notch company. All of the matchmakers are very passionate about finding you the love of your life and they are an absolute pleasure to work.

I joined this service four months ago. It requires payment before you can view your matches. I immediately discovered I was going to have a difficult time finding a match in my area. I asked to cancel at that time. My request went unanswered. I searched the website and discovered that it stated if you unable to be matched during your membership period, you can obtain a refund AFTER that period. Now it is after the period and now I am told that refund policy isn’t on the site.

No, it isn’t NOW. Probably too many people in the same boat as I am. To top it off, this service is expensive. My defense is that I stated right after I joined this wasn’t going to work for me. The site said I could receive a refund after the membership period.

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